Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Giddens' Books

Previously, before Giddens came to Penang, it is so hard to get his books in the Popular book store. Now, the situation changed. I went to the Popular (Prangin Mall Branch) on last Thursday and I saw so many of his books!!!

See, there are more than 10 books, total of 18 books!!! The above 2 books on the right, 8 books on the center row, including the killer series, and another 8 books on the bottom row, which only can see 3 (月老, 红娘 & 等一个人咖啡) and 1/4 (少林寺第八铜人) of them from the photo. Aiya, why I didn't take the full photo?? I just notice now.

The books are:

绿色的马 *
依然九把刀 *
那一年 我们一起追的女孩 #
杀手 登峰造极的画 #
杀手 风华绝代的正义
杀手 夙兴夜寐的犯罪 #
杀手 流离寻岸的花
卧底 *
慢慢来 比较快 *
少林寺第八铜人 *
爱情 两好三坏
妈 亲一下

Luckily, I bought 5 of them on the spot the other day when I met Giddens. On that day, the books sold at RM24.90. Now, in Popular, the books sell at RM37.20, RM12.30 difference!!

Those mark with # are the one that I have finished reading. Oh gosh.... It seems like I was only finished 3 of his books! I still have a lot more to go. Currently, I'm reading 荒村公寓 by 蔡骏. In English, I translate it to The Apartment of an Abandoned Village (荒村=Abandoned Village, 公寓=Apartment). I will write about it in a later time.

See the * mark beside those title? There are the books that I don't have yet! So hor, if you see this, you know what to do liao la..... Hahahaha.


Akira 思胜 said...

Wah, so many books ah??? hahaha... U really can read so many books in a short period...

Clap clap clap!

Mei-Wah said...

wahlauyeh~~~ so many books... eh, are you hinting birthday present from your readers/admirers? hehehehehe...

SockPeng said...


Anne said...

O.O OMTK~~ still got books wanna to buy hor? >.< RICH DRAGON~~ store can take picture de meh??

邓秀茵 said...


迷迭香 said...

why the photographer so lau-ya one
take pic take half way... aiseh

如果 said...

U are book-lover huh?
Good... but u really bought a lot of books at one time.... very cheap?

LimZhi said...

U made me 'itchy itchy' to read the books lehh..
Ever thought of sharing ur books with us? For free?? :P

Tau Sar Phneah said...

trying to tell us what ar??...knw wht to do on those you don't have..haha :p

how long you take to read one of his book then since you've finished with 3 and you're so enthuthiastic about his booooks..

Kikey said...

wow.. u still have many books gonna finish!! jia you lah!! :)

Sai Ling said...

i read 那一年我们一起追的女孩 too!the book is nice =)

wow u got alots of giddens book collection!
i feel interesting on the 月老 & 红娘 ^^

Dragon said...

akira, finally u get the first this time. can la, why cannot? see want or dont want nia. i finished 月亮城 in a day time! hahaha.

mei wah, yes la.... i write until so obvious liao mar.... muahahaha.


anne, wah, u use my OMTK!!! yes lo, still want to buy lo. i use hp took one. i dont care, just took out and snap! haha.


迷迭香, =.=" i didnt notice la when i took that time. i try to go another day and take again la. ok bo?

如果, yes on that night is cheap. now if buy in popular, expensive.

limzhi, why hand itchy one? i thought shd be eyes itchy mar, since u want to read the books and not buying them. share? i only share to those that good in take care of my books. im very particular on my books one. haha.

tsp, haiyo, u know i know la.... dont pretend to be dont know. how long finished one? depends one. see mood also.

kikey, yes a lot a lot. not only his books, i still have others!

sai ling, nice right? told u nice one. i not yet read 月老 & 红娘.

BeverLy's Secret said...

I need to read chinese book so badly!! Almost forgot some of the chinese wording :'(

Enjoy reading!

LimZhi said...

Bo huat mar..I wonder there is any Popular bookstore in Kangar. They dun wana do my business leh..

*~店长~* said...

Gidden's book is fantastic! ^^

Joze Foo said...

those with * you don't have yet ar....... luckily i don know how to read chinese

Dragon said...

beverly, quick quick go get some chinese books and read!

limzhi, im not sure leh.... u need to check it out yourself. haha.

*~店长~*, yes!! totally agree with u!

joze, wah, say like this ar.... never mind, i will tell print out the name for u and u show to the book store assistant!! hahaha.

cool lounge said...