Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sunshine Square Sales

Today is the Sunshine Square Sales again. They have the sales due to Deepavali next week. Although I went to bed around 1.30am last night, I put the alarm clock at 7am just to make sure I can wake up on time and go to meet my mom in Sunshine Square. I manage to wake up at 7 something after a few times of pressing the alarm clock on and off. After shower and everything, get online. :)

Kacang is online in MSN. I chat with her and later I call her using Skype. At the same time, I checked on my PPP and found one opportunity on the coupon stuff. So, I reserve it and start to write again while talking. Usually, I will multi tasking at one time. Haha, save time.

After submmited the post, it's almost 9am. I quickly get ready and drive to Sunshine Square. I'm so lucky today. I manage to get a car park just beside the lift. Thanks to the Kancil. Then I walked to the ground floor to find my mom. My aunt fetched her there.

We bought a lot of stuff, the whole trolly is full. But all the goods are for 3 families, so it's still ok.

If you bought over RM30, you can PWP (Purchase with Purchase) to get some item at cheaper price. I got myself 2 Häagen-Dazs ice cream, Macadamia Nuts and Rum & Raisins. Yummy Yummy.

p/s Those pics purposely took for Ah Hoon. She always like to take those supermarket photo and upload to her blog. So, I followed her. And one more thing, I'm not really like shopping. I will buy the stuff I want and go back straight away. I will not go round and round the whole supermarket.


Constance Chan said...


I cannot stop laughinggggggg!!!!
Is this the dragon I know?? Hahahahah.. Have you become one of us??

FYI, aunties like shopping, go supermart earlier, buy PWP stuff, shoot pix of their shopping trolley, their veg and stuff, worry about car park woes, more shopping and more shopping..


Dragon said...

hahaha, purposely for you to see nia mar.... i have one important mission there.... to pay the bill.

David (AKK) said...

Adoi...(pinjam from Wantan... hehe :) )

seldom see you so koo lat, early early wake up go shopping neh... haha...

but I believe you had enjoyed a great time at that moments, especially can spen your own time with your families rite :)

mei yi said...

i want iwant!

Kacang Puteh said...

WOW!!!Is that the things in the shopping car yours wan?So many things you buylah!Hahaaa