Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deepavali Day

On Deepavali day, our boss invited us to go to his house for lunch. His house is located in Taiping. We departed from Penang at 10.30am. We reached Taiping around 11.45am and our boss was still in the temple. He asked us to reach his house after 12 noon. So, we went to TESCO. :)

TESCO is one of the hypermarket that I prefer to shop from. The price is reasonable and sometimes it's cheap!

After a while, we went to my boss's house. The purpose there is to have lunch! Last year I have been there as well. The mutton that cooked by my boss's dad was superb. I took some photos to "sia" you guys.

Around 3 something, we left.


Joe Lim said...

yummy yummy....mutton is good for rainy day and do good for man also...hehehehe

Constance Chan said...

waah the curry sure looks so sedap... this one authentic one loh

Joze Foo said...

oh, i wish to have one piece of the mutt!on

K3ViN said...

wah yummy.... the mutton curry look tasty wor......... u no good lah... always sia us nia :(

David (AKK) said...

wah... Since a long time I didn't eat those Ah ne ne traditional muruku liao... the indian curry rice look sedap jugak hor... aiya... lim peh lao nua liao... :p

Dragon said...

purposely put the food photo to sia u all one mar... since u all like to see all kind of food pics.. the curry mutton really hor liao lo.... yummy yummy.. the rice also nice, with cashew nut and raisin one.