Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Holiday Shopping

Holiday is just around the corner. Many of the shopping mall will have their year end sales starting from next month or end of November due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a good time for those shopping lovers to go shop until they drop. Hahaha.

I went to Singapore a lot of times. Just in 2005, I went there for 3 times! Can you imagine that? It seems no related to holiday shopping but why I tell you this? For me, Singapore is a good place for you to shop during their holiday season, especially mid year and year end sales. You can get the stuff you want with great discount. You can never get it in Malaysia. Tell you one thing…… I’m going again this December. 

As we know, Thanksgiving is coming soon and I came across this site called black-friday.net this morning. Black Friday is the day just after the Thanksgiving. For this year 2007, it falls on 23rd November. It’s the kick off for the Christmas shopping season. From black-friday.net, the Black Friday ads usually come to you on the Thanksgiving Day. However, black-friday.net has them early for you! You can actually start to plan your shopping list for this holiday season.

One thing good about black-friday.net is, they send you update via email once there are new ads available. What you need to do is just type in your email address in the website to subscribe. It’s so easy. Besides, black-friday.net provides more than 50 stores for you to choose from. Among all, Costco ad has many items for you to choose from, for example: electronics, health & beauty, travel, etc.

Talk about Costco, my sister likes it a lot (I think so…. Hahaha, she used to tell me that). It’s some sort like Tesco in Malaysia. You can find all kind of stuffs there. When I’m in US, she brought me there. I got my external hard disk from there as well. I tried to search many stores, the most they only have 80GB or 120GB. The one I got it from Costco is 160GB! I like it!!! Thanks to my sister for paying on that.

Besides Costco, let me list down some of the stores in the black-friday.net: Amazon, BestBuy, Buy.com, Circuit City, IKEA, Disney Store, Home Depot, Office Depot, Old Navy, Target, Tommy Hilfiger, Toys R Us and Wal-Mart. These stores are just part of the list that I know. You can find other stores in the website as well.

Forgot to mention, black-friday.net is an online shopping website. You no need to queue and rush with others while shopping online. So, be prepared on your shopping list and plan ahead on your holiday shopping!

This Post Brought to you by Black Friday


Constance Chan said...

wah interesting eh.. black friday.. like mysterious, or witchcraft...

Joze Foo said...

yalo sounds like witch craft... Anyway, you've been tagged checkout: http://jozefoo.blogspot.com/2007/11/tag-5-blog-links.html

David (AKK) said...

Glad to her that you're coming to SG this coming DEC... look fwd for our K-session all night long.. haha... :)