Sunday, November 4, 2007

Credit Cards

Previous post talk about insurance, now let me talk about credit cards.

Credit cards are one of the 5 C (Besides Condo, Cash, Cars... aiya... forgot another 1). Credit card is very useful in the sense that, you can pay for the stuff you bought without using cash. What you need to bring is a card, and no need to keep all the notes and coins. In addition, it's also easy when u shop online.

Nowadays, when you go to shopping mall, someone will come forward and approach you to apply for the credit card. They will offer you a lot of free gift just want you to sign up. For me, I will only choose some of them. Last time, I applied one of the bank because my friend asked me to. I never use that card after applied.

Credit cards also provide many of the services like balance transfers. You can transfer the balance from other account to the credit card and enjoy low interest rate. I've never done that.

One thing you need to remember, you must use your credit card wisely. If not, you will in deep trouble in the end.

Do you have any best credit cards that you think it's really good? Share here.

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mei yi said...

credit card sales won't approach me..
they will think that i'm still studying..
if they approach me, i tell them i'm still studying... lolz

Dragon said...

wah..... u looked so small meh?

Boone said...

For me, I would prefer the SBB (now Allianze Bank)'s platinum credit card. They do give a lot of benefits and most importantly, free for life.

However, if for instalment payments, Maybank is the best.