Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Detective C+侦探

I went to watch it on the first day of showing in the cinema. Although I'm busy with my house stuff, still squueze some time just to watch this movie, support my Aaron Kwok mar.... Since I won't be able to go HK to support his concert.

Back to this movie.... I already knew it will be a thriller, I have read about the review and watched the preview before that. You can scroll down to check out my previous post My Aaron Kwok to watch the preview. I'm not good at story telling, so please read the sypnosis that I copy from the GSC website.

Tam is an impoverished private detective. One day, a guy nicknamed Fatty ask Tam to find a lady who wanted to kill him. He left Tam a portrait of the lady without giving any details. Tam could not resist the money and starts the investigation. He identified the lady as Sum who is a frequent mahjong player. Tam starts tracking her whereabouts through her mahjong playmates, but he is shocked to find each of them murdered every time he is about to be in contact with them. He discovers a half-burned photo at one of the scenes. Tam realises the suspicions behind the deaths and decides that he has to protect the next target of the invisible murderer. The photo is the only clue for Tam to uncover the case.

Overall, this is another Oxide Pang's style movie. From the beginning till the end of the movie, Aaron Kwok play the most important role. Every scene will have him, seems that he is the only one acting in the movie. Haha.

I never think Aaron Kwok will act in this kind of thriller movie, not bad...... Some part of the movie really scared me out, I think 2-3 parts. I will recommend to watch The Detective in the cinema, the sound system really can scared you out. This is the main point for us to watch a movie in the cinema, right? Hehe. I will definitely buy the DVD for this movie when it's available.

I will rate 4 out of 5 for this movie. First, Aaron is in the movie (hahaha, add another point). Second, I like to watch thriller/horror movie. Third, it scared me for few parts in this movie. I cannot give it a 5, if not you all will say I simply give. Wakakakaka.


Kacang Puteh said...

Wow!Dragon,you so siok enjoy yourself in the movie ya,i oso wan to see lah,too bad here didn`t show,hm...if you got the dvd liao,don`t forget borrow me ya or oso can copy for me too!!!Hehehe!!!

Sunny Side Up Foodie said...

wah busy busy pnua choo.. hahaha next time new house, no internet watch movie lagi more..

David said...

Dragon instead a movie king..... haha :)

Are you Aaron's fan? hehe :p

Dragon said...

angku, no need to ask liao la.... already so "ming xian".... hahaha.