Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Recently, as you can notice, many of the blogs will have extra stuff inside. What extra stuff that I’m referring to? That’s right, the advertiser program. Since blogspot already bought by Google on 2003, It’s not surprise to see Google Adsense is embedded into the blogspot feature. Besides Google Adsense, you also can see some others like Nuffnang, Advertlets and of course, PayPerPost.

I already forgot when and where I get to know PayPerPost. I just remembered, I saw that in some of my friends’ blog. Due to my curiosity and the intension to make money (Yes, don’t say me looi bin or money face, this is the fact), I went to the website and checked it out.

What is PayPerPost?

From Wikipedia, PayPerPost (PPP) is a website which helps content creators such as bloggers, videographers, podcasters and photographers find advertisers willing to sponsor specific content. The advertisers create opportunities ("opps") that describe the content they are looking for (e.g. feedback, reviews, buzz, creative, video). The bloggers (sometimes referred to as "Posties") then choose opportunities in their area of interest.

Once the blogger has written a blog post or posted a video that matches the requirements, PPP then reviews the post against its requirements (e.g. topic, tone, length) and PPP terms of service (e.g. disclosure required, no adult content), and handles payment.

From the website, PPP is actually attracting my attention. I can blog anything related to my interest and at the same time, get what I want. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it? Furthermore, you can get to know those who are the top earner for the day, month and all time. If one day your name appears there, that will be the happiest moment in your blogging life.

In addition, PPP is also good for those people who have a lot of free time and nothing to do at home. What you need is only a computer, an internet connection and a blog. Once these 3 items are ready, BINGO, you can start your journey on PPP. If you are still not sure on how to get started, visit the website. There are tutorial videos to teach you on how to get it done. It’s simple as 1-2-3.

To me, PPP really suits me since I'm 70% addicted to blogging. I like to write and share good stuff to friends. I like to sing also (Opppssss….. out of topic). Anyway, if I can earn $100 per month, I will be happy. Of course, if I can get more, that will be happier. Hahaha. I can use the money to help me to pay my all sort of loans.

All the bloggers out there, if you are still not yet register to PPP, it’s time for you to do so. Just go to the right hand sidebar, fill in the info and click submit. I also have the link in my facebook. You also can sign up through there. Don’t forget about me if you earn big bucks in the future. :)

Happy Earning!


David said...

Actually I don't really interest in this type of "kang Tao" coz there would filled up yur blog with all kind of "rojak ads"...

But if you dun mind you may teach me where to click which may help you make money... eg: click on the ads or visit you blog more often?

Kacang Puteh said...

Wah!!!You really know how to find all the ''Kang Tao''for earnning money lah!!!Hahaa!!!kau geak li hai lo!!! i know what to giv you a nick name liao hahaaa!!!Si Lui Bin!!!kakaka...

yam9972 said...

See, I told u, he will sure help.
Si Lui Bin ??~~!! Hahaha Good Good

Dragon said...

ang ku, those ads cannot consider as rojak ads..... not rojak though..... maybe different ppl got different view on these.

anyway, just come to my blog whenever u want, no need to purposely come to click for it.

in addition, PPP is not those that need u to click here click there like google adsense. they will have those opportunity for u toi write on something, then only u post on your blog, that's it. after they review your post, they think it's worth to pay u, then only they will pay u.

si lui bin? yes, quite need moeny for the time being. if u want to donate some to me, let me know, i will give u my account number.

Constance Chan said...

waaah lieewwww

Ping Ping said...

Adverlets and Nuffnang are the ones who look at your unique visits per-day. Just visit every time you online because it looks at unique visits and not the number of visits. Meaning they look at IP add I think. I don't know. If your unique visits are high, they will bring in those companies who are interested to put ads in your blogs. Some ads are very cute. =P Like the one my second sis is having although I don't know what its about.

I never did PPP because I don't really understand how it works. I don't know if the sponsored by xxx is by myself or by them. And heh, I don't know how to write as they say. I can feel the money flying away. I do not write those in my blog because heee, my blog reader, very da sikit lor. =P No use also.

David (AKK) said...

Oh... so that good ar... I got it liao :P

Anonymous said...

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