Monday, September 1, 2008

Snow Ball Roll Roll Roll

Want to increase your PR or visitors? Do the below task. It's very easy, just leave a comment on the master list site and you will get notified after your link is on the master list. You just need to copy and paste it in your blog.

You can ask you readers to do the same as well, the more the better. :)

Let's start now.

| Start Copy |

- Copy from | Start Copy | to | End Copy | and blog about it. You can write anything as you wish.
- Send me the blog's name together with the URL. CLICK HERE to leave me a comment. I will add it in the master list. Please, NO porn site.
- Once added your link into the master list, I will let you know by leaving a comment on your site.
- Once you see my reply, please come back and copy the master list and paste in your blog. Ask your readers to do the same as you do as well.
- Come back often to get the updated master list. This is to ensure the one behind you will get the links as well.
- Let's start the snow ball roll roll roll.

| 1. Entertainment World | 2. BLOG it with ALLEN | 3. My Mood My Feeling | 4. Yummy Station | 5. Lz aka limzhi | 6. Zhi Yan Zi Yu | 7. Somewhere in Singapore | 8. Spymama | 9. Life in the United States | 10. Ling's World | 11. Life's Roller Coaster | 12. Life's A Breeze | 13. Life's Roller Coaster - EJ | 14. Chinese Song Lyrics | 15. It's my another new life~ | 16. LifeLong Sharing | 17. Echo from Physco | 18. Almanac Queen | 19. Caramel Corn | 20. Sunny Side Up Foodie

| End Copy |


LZ said...

Am I the first? ;)

Lz aka limzhi

Is that wat I need to do?

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Dont quite understand, is it like what lz did?

somewhere in singapore aka sharon

cbenc12 said...

i want i want..
Life's Roller Coaster~

Life's A Breeze~

Life's Roller Coaster - EJ~

Let me know when I can add it to my sites..

Dragon said...

limzhi, sharon, cbenc12,

actually, u need to leave the comment in another blog instead of this one. u need to click the CLICK HERE. anyway, since i am the owner for that blog, and i am the one who started this, i will help to add u in the master list. in fact i have done it for 3 of u.

next step, pls copy the master list and paste it in your blog. you can write anything about it or write nothing at all. just copy from the START to the END.

Thanks for supporting!

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