Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool Day

Today is 1st of April, April Fool Day.

April Fool Day is a very fun day to me when I was in primary or even secondary school. Among the friends, we will trick each other like you didn't zip your pants, who and who is calling you, there is something at your back and so on. People who got tricked will not get angry since he/she knew this is the April Fool Day.

However, after become older, April Fool Day is not that fun anymore. I am no longer go and make fun of someone on this day itself. It seems like, all the fun we used to have during the childhood will leave us when we are getting older and older. We have many stuffs to think and do everyday. We don't have much time for this April Fool act.

It will be good if we can go back to the old time. I think I need to go and find Doraemon to help me on this! He has the time machine! :) Oh... I just like Doraemon. I will have one post about Doraemon soon.

Oh, also not forgetting, today was the day for Leslie Cheung. He left us on April Fool Day 5 years ago.

p/s My friend just tricked me!! She said she peed on her pants last night. I was like huh and then asked her whether she is still 3 years old. Then she said April Fool. :(


Kikey said...

Haha.. u got tricked!! :D

no need Doraemon machine lah, just Think Young, Stay Young, and Feel Young!!! (^.^)

adam brown said...

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迷迭香 said...

a time machine...
if everybody keep going back in time
what abt the present ?
would we still have a future ? XD

JL said...

I should forward the April Fool sms for you. I got few, one was Pak Lah resigned like what I told you on MSN and another one was "will get marry on June you are invited ....."

I kena fool on Pak Lah one, haha.

yam9972 said...

Apr fool day.. hm.. I did received a surprise on that day from somebody, but it was real, I thought u about it so, haha, u know I m kinda excited too..hehe..

p/s: still need to refresh page several times in order to open your website.. sian..

Akira 思胜 said...

hahaha, i got fooled by my friend on yesterday also... haha...

Dragon said...

kikey, but i want doraemon wor.....

adam, thanks for visiting.

迷迭香, will only think about that if we really have time machine! hahaha.

jl, ya la, like that u also get tricked. haha.

wantan, finally u came and left comment. don't know why u always cannot come to my blog.

akira, haha, u also got fooled ar. hehe.