Saturday, April 19, 2008

No Update for 2 Days

I'm having cold since last week. Every morning I woke up, I will have running nose and sneeze non stop. It's very frustrating. I went for Doctor, I have blog about that. The medicine just can't help! Maybe the germs inside my body was stronger than the medicine.

On Thursday, although is my off day, I need to dial into the bridge and attend one meeting. Normally, if possible, I don't like to dial into my company network during my off day. It's not Great Place To Work!!! The cold was killing me during the meeting. I need to stuck the tissue into my nose. Luckily, the meeting was finished early. After the meeting, I went back to my old house. After breakfast, I felt so tired and I went to sleep. I slept for nearly 4 hours.

After the sleep, I felt much better. Thursday is my badminton day. I went for badminton from 5pm to 7pm. For dinner, I have it with my China colleague. When I back to my old house, it was nearly 11.30pm. I was so lazy and tired. I decided not to go back to my house and stayed at my old house one night.

I totally didn't online for the whole Thursday except for the meeting!!!

On Friday, I went to watch Forbidden Kingdom by Jet Li and Jackie Chan. A nice movie! After back from movie and lunch, it's already 4pm. I promised Akira to have dinner with him. I fetched him at 6.45pm. I suppose to reach at 6.30pm. I was late due to the jam. Haha. If my friend read this, sure she will scold me. In fact, she has scolded me when I was on the way. :D

We went to Fettes Park Western Food. I told Akira I wanted to have western food the other day. He said this one is good. In fact, it was good. We chit chat there while waiting for Ah Kok's phone call. He didn't call and Akira called him instead. He was at Chili, Gurney Plaza. I went to fetch him and we headed to New World Park, Starbucks. Both Akira and I sit there and looking at Ah Kok online! He has his laptop with him. When I reached home, it was already 11.45pm.

Now you know, why I didn't update my blog for these 2 days! :)

P/S Where is the Food photos???? I know I know, don't shout at me OK? For those regular visitors, you know I will post my food photos in another blog mar, so go there and check it out la. Anyway, I don't know when I will upload the post. Please be patient, OK? Hahaha.

P/S (II), I was OK now. No more cold. :)


Kikey said...

wah!! you have a busy days..
but it is better than always sit in front of computer..
good for you.. (^.^)

p/s: hoped u recover ASAP! take care ya.. XOXOXO

Kikey said...

good to hear u recover liao!! (^.^)

Akira 思胜 said...

hahaha, no wonder no updates for these few days lar... haha...

great dinner just now... haha...

Dragon said...

kikey, ya, busy day for me. thanks, i'm ok now. :)

akira, yes la, so busy and tired mar... now i am back!!! haha. ya, the dinner was great!

JL said...

Haha know I will scold you so next time don't be late for appoitment. Hehe did I gave you the right guide to your's destination?

Dragon said...

jl, yes, right destination. hehehe.

迷迭香 said...

yo, not feeling well some more can go play badminton... @_@
and sleep so late ~ >.<"