Friday, April 4, 2008

Live TV

Watching live internet TV has become a trend. Everyone is watching everyday. Blog TV is the place that you can post your video, and watch live tv, live show or live broadcast at the same time. If you have good video and you want to share, don't forget to upload it in Blog TV.


yam9972 said...

I heard TM is offering 2M kbps for RM99/month under streamyx package, I dont know if the speed will improve but as far as the current situation is concern, the online streaming videos SUCKS !

Dragon said...

talked about this 2M streamyx, my fire starts to boil. i saw the banner along the road. i go check on the website cannot find any info so i called them up. that agent who got my call keep telling me the system didn't show this 2MB package for RM99. then all those banner is from who? bad customer service. in the end, i told her nvm, then i hang up. u see la, poor service!