Friday, June 26, 2009

Social Media Marketing

Marketing is very important to a company. However, to find a good marketing company is even more important than the rest. If you get a marketing company which turn out failing to promote your company, time and money are wasted. The most critical thing is, your business will not grow. However, if you get a good marketing company, you will see a good result from it. The best example will be the Kmart marketing campaign run by IZEA.

Kmart, which is seldom known by others, has become so popular with the help of IZEA marketing strategy: Conenct with A-listers, Harness the longtail, Give something back and Leverage multiple platforms. Each and every strategy's main point is to promote the brand of Kmart, to become well-known to customers.

First, 6 leading bloggers have been chosen to shop in Kmart with the sponsorship spends from Kmart itself. Besides, bloggers have helped to spread the word. On top of this, contest was launched to provide a way to promote Kmart. In addition, different platforms such as blogs, email, Twitter, Facebook, and others have also helped on spreading the brand name.

From the Social Media Case Study, the result from these strategies were very encouraging and positive. More than 90% of bloggers are more likely to make a purchase from Kmart after writing about it.

This example shows you clearly why the marketing company plays an important role in marketing your business. Below is the case study slide show for Kmart from IZEA.