Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Visit Singapore

Singapore has become the country that I will visit at least once every year. This year, I not yet make any arrangement to visit it until I see the Accor Hotels City Super Sale. From as low as 61 USD, I can revisit this place and stay in the Singapore hotel with a great savings.

Singapore has a couple of places that I will go for this visit. I plan to go during year end. Why I choose year end? Of course I have the reason. It is because Singapore is having SALES on that time. Besides shopping, I wish to go to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. I want to go there and try out the performance of my newly bought camera. On the very next day, I will go to the Sentosa Island. Another great place for photo taking. One full day is needed if you want to visit Sentosa. There are so many things you can do there. However, Musical Fountain will be my main purpose of going there. If I have time, I would also like to visit the Science Center and Bird Park. I never visit both places for many years. For sure, there will be a lot of changes and improvements.

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JL said...

bring your tripod n try on night shoot, I noticed from the forum SG have many nice places with all the nice lighting available to shoot n also not X'mas deco along Orchard Road. Aiyo make me want to go also :(