Thursday, January 15, 2009


Most people will addict over something, for sure. Some people addicted to movies. They can watch the movies from morning until night by just taking some small break. Some likes to read. They can read many kind of books for the whole day. This is one of their interest. For me, I am addicted to online. I need to online everyday to check on my emails, blogs, messenger, Facebook, and etc. There are so many things to do online. I will go mad if there is no Internet connection for me on a particular day. I will call to the service provider to complain. The worst case, I will go out to those Wifi spot and online! See how addicted I am. However, this kind of addiction is still consider good if compare to the alcohols and drugs addiction.

It is hard to get people who are alcoholic and drug addict to go for the addiction recovery. It depends on the person's will and determination. If he or she is willing to get rid of the addiction, one of the best method is going to the Promises Treatment Centers. In the center, there are professional who can help you on the recovery process. By following the programs provided, he or she will have a better life in the future.


jepunlauee said...

i am addicted to wacthing cantonese dramas series..have no intention of quitting this addict..hehe..