Monday, January 25, 2010

OSK Green Tea

Few days back, when I was on my night shift, I was chatting with Mei Wah through MSN. I told her I'm drinking coffee at that time. She asked me to get green tea instead of coffee since it is not good. She recommended the OSK brand green tea to me. OSK... I thought is the investment firm at first. Wakakaka... She asked me to get it from Jusco.

Today, I went to Queensbay Mall Jusco and get the OSK Green Tea. There is a promotion. If you get a normal 50 packets pack, it costs RM19.90. If you get a 50 packets pack plus a 20 packets pack, it only costs RM25.90. Normal price will be RM29.89, save RM3.99. :)

I opened the 20 packets pack just now to try one of them. See, there are a total 20 packets of this small green packet inside the box.

Oh.... Nice green tea. Drink it while watching movie or series, very nice and relax.

Seems like it will replace my coffee during my night shift, thanks for Mei Wah's recommendation.


Mei-Wah said...

haha, i sound like OSK green tea ambassador! glad that you liked the green tea~ :)

Dragon said...

hehe, thanks ya Mei Wah!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool blog you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. BTW, why don't you change design :).

K3ViN said...

Look yummy.... how was the taste? sure nice lor....