Thursday, May 14, 2009

Phone Repair

My cell phone just went mad. When I press on the keypad, the screen will black out. I need to wait the light on the keypad to be off, then only I can press another key and see the screen again. I have no idea what went wrong, that is why I send the phone to the Sony Ericsson service centre for repair.

I went there this afternoon. After checking, they told me the display was broken, need to change a new one. There are 2 types: local and original. Local is RM130 and without warranty. Original costs RM170 and has 1 month warranty. I chose the latter. I can get it back by tomorrow. RM170 sounds expensive, but if after change it and it goes OK, it is still worth it.

I have been spending quite a lot recently. First, car's air conditioning broke down. The repair fee is not cheap. Now, phone's problem. What's next?


Mei-Wah said...

money that we earned are meant to be use! hahaa~

Dragon said...

but not suppose to be used in this way. i rather use it to buy souvenirs for you when i go travel. lol!!!

Kikey Loo said...

well.. 我常告诉自己钱能解决的问题,就不是问题。。


Anonymous said...

wish you a lot of good luck can share mine if you dont have =)