Sunday, May 24, 2009

Broken Car

I knocked someone's car when I was out from my parking area inside my condo. I never see him in the first place. When I saw it, it was too late. I knocked the car. Luckily, it was not really that serious since the speed was not fast. Since I was careless, I pay for the repair fees.

Want to see how worse is my car?

Actually, it was not too bad. I just sent my car for the repair and it needs 3-4 days for completion.

I think I need to make an appointment to Thee Kong and talk to him soon. I need to ask him to take away my bad luck. I have been spending a lot on unexpected stuff recently.


sock peng said...


SMiLE said...


Kikey Loo said...

it look quite serious...

Tau Sar Phneah said...

at least u're alrite..

meiyi said...

poor thing.
how much was the damage?