Monday, July 30, 2007

The power of Internet.....1

Internet...... change my life a lot a lot a lot.

Back to 10 years ago, which is 1997, I only can online on my aunt's PC, since I don't have my own PC. Until 1998, finally I have my first own PC. The whole system costs me more than 2K if I'm not mistaken. I bought all the parts by myself and with friends' help, assemble it up. On that time, my processor is Intel MMX 200 MHz, Tomato Motherboard (Tomato is the brand of the MB), 2MB Graphic Card (i forgot whether is it 2MB, not so sure), 24X CDROM, 64MB PC-100 RAM, 2.1GB harddisk, 33.6K external modem (I forgot the brand), 14" monitor, and HP DeskJet 670C printer. I didn't get all the parts at one time due to money constraint and some of the hardware are out of stock.

At that time, 2.1GB hd and 33.6K or 56K modem is consider very high tech. Operating System is Windows 98. We cannot imagine that hd can actually go to 1TG 10 years later. Now, 2.1GB hd totally not able to keep much data, 1 DVD is more than that.

Talk about PC, sure cannot miss out the PC games. I like those Chinese RPG, can play until no day no night (hahaha, purposely use this phrase), just to beat the enemy. When think of it, I really have a great time when playing last time. Some of the games need higher requirement, so no choice, cannot play. Some of them can play, but it will lag. I still remember when playing the "Condor Hero", the attack that performed needs to wait 1-2 minutes just for it to be done. Hahaha, funny.

I cannot remember since when I stop to play PC games. Maybe after certain of age range, we don't have the mood or time to play it anymore. This is only applicable to me. Another reason is, the games nowadays need quite high requirement, my PC although is Pentium 4 2.4Ghz, still not able to play, my graphic card is still using TNT2 32MB. Haha. So, just forget it. Maybe I will play again when I upgrade my PC, that will be next year or another year, see how it goes.

Hmmmmm, seems that I have talked on PC more than Internet, which is the title for this post. Never mind la, as long as I'm happy. I will continue to talk about Internet for the coming post. :)


mei yi said...

last time internet was quite 'power' for me.
now, kids r not so appreciative about what they have now.

Dragon said...

They think internet is a must and they will not know the world without a pc.