Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bad Year!

2009 is really a bad year. I got another bad news from my primary friend. She MSN me when I was on my night shift. She started with "2009 is really a bad year". From this sentence, I already knew she has a bad news to tell me. My guess is right, she told me, one of our primary school mate, met with an accident in Africa, brain is damage and in a critical situation.

It is a really sad news. According to my friend, she went to Africa for charity. Sigh... This is life. Anything can happen. I really hope there will be miracle for her. Thee Kong ar, Thee Kong..... Please popi her. She is still young and doing good deeds, should have a good life, not suppose to take her away.


meiyi said...

how's she doing now? :(