Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Love Malaysia Campaign Result

Do you still remember I blog about the I Love Malaysia Campaign contest? It is a contest by Exabytes, conjunction with the Malaysia National Day. The grand prize for this contest is the iPhone 3GS and Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB as consolation prize. After one and a half months, when I almost forgot about this contest, the result is out.

Again, my friend is the one who told me the result is out. She referred me to this contest. If I win a prize, she will win too. And guess what? I WON!!!!! Because of this, she also won. She got the email from Exabytes, and immediately, MSN me to check on my email. So I quickly go to check my gmail, no new email wor.... Then I go to check my Yahoo email.

HAPPY! Thanks Mary for referring me for this contest. If not, I will not know about it and don't say about winning.

This week is quite a bad week for me. My friend's dad passed away and my classmate left us due to heart attack. Luckily, this good news brings joy to me. I am so happy now. It has been few months since I won any prize. The previous one was the Eason's Moving On Stage 26 Concert ticket.

I also want to thank Exabytes for giving me this early Birthday present. Thank you so much! Muacksssssss!


sock peng said...

ur dream come true

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky!! How could you said u always have bad luck. Don't say that anymore, lucky person.

Wish you lucky forever~ (^.^)

Anonymous said...

Congratulation...even it's not Iphone but better than none's considered lucky man..:). No worries...the bad week is confirmed more bad news or whatsoever...after this lucky prize:D. Cheers up...more to come man...your big day is soon liao hehe:P.

Hoe Nam

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday~

I hope is not too late...
Have been thinking for a while, i think is rude if i don't.

Wish you all the best! (^.^)

Anonymous said...

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