Sunday, April 12, 2009

Get Scolded by Mei Wah

I have been crazy over Facebook's game recently: Mouse Hunt and Restaurant City. Mouse Hunt is recommended by my friend and Restaurant City is recommended by Mei Wah.

There is one day when I chat with Mei Wah. I asked her to join Mouse Hunt and at the same time, she asked me to join Restaurant City. I joined but seldom play. That time, I am concentrate more on Mouse Hunt. Later, many of my friends joined and we are addicted to it.

Last night, Mei Wah asked scolded me, saying that I keep on playing games until I never update my blog and seldom chat with her. Hahaha. I admit I have abandoned this blog again. What to do, I am crazy over these 2 games.

Actually, she is not really scold me. She is just saying that I am too addicted. Beside the game, I must also update my blog. I know I know....... Sorry ya. :) See, I am updating now. Haha.


Mei-Wah said...

hey... you kinda "ying chau" (entertain) me leh! you blog bout me, as one of ur post? alamak... we want to know more on ur life, not on me scolding u. lol! btw, i scold u for good okay! :)

Dragon said...

lol....want to know my life? hmmmm...... play facebook non stop everyday!

Constance Chan said...

aiyo can see u are catching mouse all the time.. until the FB keep updating yr scores.. but i find the FB updates a bit of a nuisance cos every little thing also update.

this morn i tot of playing tat game too then i stopped before i allow the application to access my profile.. cos i know if i play everyone's FB will be drowned by all this update.. so paiseh nia.

like our Baboon, take so many quiz, until my FB all filled with his quizzes! if only FB can filter some things out...sigh

sock peng said...

when is ur next post?